Introduction to Tradeshift Pay

What is Nestlé's goal with Tradeshift? Does this apply to me?

What documents are in scope of the e-invoicing project?

The following documents are in scope for Nestlé e-invoicing project: Invoices Purchase Orders Credit Notes ...

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When will this be rolled out to all suppliers?

All suppliers are asked to send invoices via Tradeshift where legally possible.  If you’ve received an invitation from us, you’re asked to send invoices via Tradeshift straight away.  Don’t worry, we will let you know the deadline by which this needs ...

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Where can I find out more about Tradeshift?

We are pleased you want to learn more about the Tradeshift. It’s good to find out more about the platform you will be using. Just click here for more information about Tradeshift’s past, present and vision. To set up your account please make sure you ...

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Do I need to create multiple Tradeshift accounts so that I can invoice different companies?

No. Tradeshift want to make sure that invoicing is easy so you only need one account for your legal entity which means only one password to remember. You can add users to your account so that if you’re away someone else can cover. Find out how you ca ...

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How do I connect to Nestlé?

Tradeshift will be sending all suppliers activation links on our behalf.  Please make sure you can accept emails from the domain.  The connection process is very easy once you receive this; simply click on the activation link and you’ ...

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